Transportation of animals by the airline «Aeroflot»

Transportation of animals by the airline «Aeroflot»

If the veterinarian has allowed your pet to go with you on an exciting journey, and you decided to use the services of Russia’s largest airline Aeroflot, then you need to know about the rules and conditions for the transportation of cats, dogs and other pets.

General rules for transportation of animals in the plane “Aeroflot”

Only domesticated, tamed cats, dogs, birds, ferrets and other rodents are allowed to fly.

It is strictly forbidden to take onboard the dogs of brachycephalic breeds (various bulldogs, pug dogs, boxers, etc.), fish and other aquatic creatures, reptiles and arthropods, sick and experimental representatives of animal fauna.

A flight with animals is possible only if accompanied by an active passenger over eighteen years of age.

Before buying tickets, you must notify the airline’s employees in advance (at least thirty-six hours before the time of departure) that you will be traveling with a pet, since the number of places for animals on each flight is limited.

Transportation of animals in the cabin

Cats, dogs, birds and other pets are allowed to be carried in the cabin only in a special carry (cage, bag, container, etc.) with a total weight not exceeding eight kilograms and not more than one hundred and fifteen centimeters on three sides. Several animals may be carried simultaneously. The container in which you carry your pet should be quality, comfortable, well-ventilated, waterproof – so that your friend feels comfortable and does not cause inconvenience to other passengers.

Transportation of an animal in the luggage compartment

If your pet weighs more than eight kilograms. And besides, if your dog belongs to one of the fighting breeds, transportation of your pet is possible only in the luggage compartment. In this case, only one animal can be carried in the carry. Carrying should be very strong, so that your pet can not get out of it, and comfortable – so that your four-legged friend is not injured during the flight.

Cost of transportation of animals

Transportation of animals in the airline “Aeroflot” is charged as non-standard luggage. On international flights, the cost of transporting animals or animals in one carry is 75 euros, on domestic flights – 61 euros. Conversion to rubles is carried out at the internal rate of the airline. Guide dogs are entitled to free transportation.

Documents for animal transportation

When entering and leaving different foreign countries, please check the latest information in the embassies and consulates of the countries of destination.

For arrival and departure from Russia it is necessary to show a veterinary passport or EU passport (for flight to EU countries), veterinary certificate F1 (when you fly abroad, in exchange you will receive a veterinary certificate form 5), if necessary departure (arrival) in the TC countries – certificate Customs Union.

It is also necessary to have a vaccination against rabies (it must be done no later than twenty-one days before the date of departure, and when flying out on the EU veterinary passport – for thirty days), a chipping procedure was performed (and the chip must be installed before the vaccination was performed from Rabies).

Recommendations in preparation for a flight with an animal

Before traveling, be sure to visit the vet clinic and consult your veterinarian, and check all the necessary documents for your four-legged friend. Remember that all responsibility for the transportation of the pet lies with its owner.

In order to calmly go through all the necessary procedures and in time to issue veterinary documents without delaying other passengers, we recommend that you come to the airport with a pet at least 3-4 hours before departure.

In advance, specify the location of the veterinary control point at the airport of departure and its workload at the estimated time of arrival. In the airport “Sheremetyevo”, veterinary control is located on the second floor of Terminal E.

In order to warn that you are flying with a pet and consult about this, you can call the toll-free number of the airline: 8 (800) 444-55-55. You can find out more information about transportation of animals on the official website of the airline “Aeroflot”.

P.S. For those who travel with pets “Rossiya”, the same rules apply for transportation of pets, as for Aeroflot.

Have a good flight to you and your pet! 🙂