Transportation of animals: choose the type of transport for a comfortable journey with a pet

You are going to spend your next vacation on the Cote d’Azur, in a quiet Finnish village or want to go on a trip to Russia, but do you understand that you have no one to leave your pet with? Do not hurry to take the ticket! After all, you can go on an exciting journey with a four-footed friend! We assure that with a competent approach to the organization of the forthcoming trip, you and your pet will rest on glory!

Transportation of pets is not difficult, if you know how to prepare the necessary documents and what you need to take to set off.

We choose the mode of transport

Before you begin to draw up the relevant papers, it is necessary to determine the type of transport that you will use. After all, to cross the border on the plane requires a more extensive package of documents than when moving on a personal car.

Types of transport, where you can go on a journey with a pet:

  • Train;
  • Bus;
  • Car;
  • Aircraft;
  • Ship.

In each mode of transport, there are a number of prohibitions and restrictions. Therefore, when organizing a trip, you must first familiarize yourself with the basic rules of transportation of animals.

We travel with the pet by train

According to the official regulations for transporting animals by rail, pet owners need to adhere to the following rules:

  • To transport an animal on the train, you need to issue a ticket (at the ticket office of the railway station or on the RZhD website); Since December 11, 2016, when planting, it is no longer necessary to present a veterinary passport of an animal with marks on de-worming and vaccination and a certificate of health status (Form No. 1);
  • Small animals (also referred to as cats and small dogs) should be placed in a special bag and decorated like hand luggage. Place the carriers in the designated places for passengers’ luggage;
  • Larger pets and guide dogs are carried without containers, but on strict criteria: in collars, on leashes and with muzzles on.

Travel Tips:

  • Making a ticket to your pet, you can calculate its approximate value with your own hand. Since the price of a ticket for transportation of an animal can not exceed 25% of the cost of an adult ticket on the specified route, you can easily calculate the amount spent for transporting a pet in advance.
  • Those who are going to transport several small pets in one carry, do not need to pay for the transportation of each animal separately. In this case, you only need to pay a fee for an extra baggage space.

We go to the bus tour

Choosing as a means of transportation for the animal bus, it is worthwhile to understand that before you is a fairly important task. After all, during the trip the animal should behave as calmly as possible and do not interfere with the rest of the passengers.

The main requirements put forward by carrier companies in the transport of animals:

  • If your four-legged friend is a large dog, then you need to issue a permit for the transfer of the pet. To do this, you need to contact the representatives of the carrier in advance, but not earlier than one month. You can do this by visiting the office of the company, or by sending an appropriate request to an e-mail box. In circulation the general data about the pet are specified and the exact date of the transportation is prescribed. At the same time, the owner must have a certificate of permission from the veterinary clinic’s doctor to perform these actions. Without this permission, the carrier may refuse to organize the transfer of the animal.
  • For small breeds of our smaller brothers there is no ransom for an extra seat, but there must be a special carrying bag. The owner of the pet can keep the container in his hand during the trip, or put it under the front seat.
  • Large four-legged travelers should be located on adjacent seats or in the aisle, without interfering with other passengers. Before planting it is necessary to put on the animal a muzzle, a collar and fasten a short leash to it.

Travel Tips:

If the path is not long, then it is not necessary to take food for a pet. It is also not recommended to feed it shortly before departure. The owner can provide for a small amount of fresh water in hot weather. Going to a great trip, it is better to stock yourself with dry animal food and clean water.
When transporting very large species of dogs, do not stop your attention on the bus. Long stay in one place among closely located seats will be excruciating for the pet. Therefore, it is better to go with him on the train, taxi or use the services of companies that specialize in the quality transportation of tailed mates to other cities.

Driving by car

When transporting animals by car, the owner of a four-legged traveler needs to thoroughly prepare for the trip.

For a comfortable journey you will need:

  • To buy a special vest with belts for comfortable placement of the pet in the back seat. For small breeds of animals and cats, it is better to prepare a carrying bag, and placing a long-eared friend in the trunk, the owner will need partitions for the luggage compartment. These items are designed for safe transportation of animals in the car. Choose them is based on the following principle: based on accounting for the weight category of the pet, his personality characteristics and the reaction to the transfer.
  • Going on a long trip it is worth to acquire personal hygiene means for the tailed traveler, to prepare food and an automatic drinking bowl.

Travel Tips:

  • Large dogs at the time of travel are better to identify in the luggage compartment. Small animals can be placed in the rear seats in bags with good ventilation.
  • When transporting cats in advance, it is necessary to trim them with claws and install protective covers on the seats, so that the fuzzy man does not finish with the beautiful car salon and does not leave puffs on the seat covers.

Flight by plane

When transporting pets on the plane, carefully prepare the pet for the move, conduct a clinical examination and obtain a veterinary passport.

  • Animals over 50 kilograms can not go in the luggage compartment. In such cases, a separate cargo transportation is issued.
  • An obligatory requirement is a permit to transport a furry friend, which can be obtained when making a ticket.
  • The owner of the caudate friend also has to acquire a special container for the transportation of the pet, prepare permissive documents and become acquainted with the basic rules of the flights.

Travel Tips:

  • Before you go on a trip with a long-eared animal, you need to clarify the airline list of animals allowed to fly.
  • After immersing the four-legged companion in a container, glue a photo of your furry friend on the suitcase-carry it, indicate his nickname and your personal phone number. These measures will help find a pet in case of its loss.
  • It is not necessary to feed the animals soothing before departure, because it is unknown how the organism reacts to the medicine when the airplane reaches high altitudes.

Cruise with four-legged friend

When going into a sea adventure with a pet you should carefully study the general provisions of such transportation and a list of possible restrictions:

  • Carrier companies limit the finding of pets on board the ship by weight. Therefore, for transportation by water transport, pets not exceeding 7 kilograms in weight are allowed.
  • Free to travel on the deck of the ship tail is not allowed. Owners will be able to take their pets out for a walk only to a separate area intended for visits with animals.

Travel Tips:

  • Responsibility in providing a toilet and feeding a four-legged friend is always on the passengers. Therefore, in advance, consider the principle of organizing these moments and purchase in advance the necessary inventory.
  • To go on a cruise is better with a calm little animal, which is accustomed to the toilet and will not bring any particular inconvenience to its owner during the journey.

Whichever type of transportation you choose, remember that the main criterion is a comfortable pet transfer with minimal concern for others.

With maximum care, treat a four-legged friend during transportation, try to save him from motion sickness and protect him from drafts.

Wonderful travel to you and your pets! ?

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