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Hello! We are a friendly family from St. Petersburg, and we adore animals and travel! In this project, we decided to combine our two great hobbies and tell everyone who plans to travel with their pets, how to do it right. And we will share with you the most interesting corners of the world related to animals. By the way, we met at the Moscow Zoo, so in every new city we must visit this landmark place for us. While our favorite is the Berlin Zoo!


We have a furry friend — Bonita’s cat, unfortunately, she never traveled anywhere (except from one end of Petersburg to another), but she really wants to go somewhere with us! And to help her (and also thousands of cats, dogs and your other favorite pets) how to feel comfortable traveling (even to the neighboring town) we decided to collect everything that can be useful in case you decided to show your pet peace! We will tell you what documents your pet will need, how to organize its transportation, and also tell you about all pet friendly places on the planet — by the way, if you know such (or are the owner or employee of one of them), then safely add them to our map, so that other travelers know the «right» places! And if you have already traveled with pets, we will be happy to interview you and find out the secrets of successful trips! 🙂 Join, it will be interesting! 🙂

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